P.S. - This is an example panel built on WIX. We have Frankensteined this dashboard using other tools/platforms. But our whole goal for this platform is we want to make the look and feel of it like a Project Management tool like Trello or Airtable. After we have a look at the client's requirement, and their project gets approved. It'll open a dashboard similar to this which will be like a Project Management tool between Client, Us, & the Freelancers added to this project.

Monthly Budget - $1,200 + Tax

Plan includes:

  • 20 Social Media Posts per month

  • Social Media Ads Creation & Execution - Separate Budget

  • SEO - Complete Website Optimisation

  • Search Engine Marketing - Google AdWords / PPC - Separate Budget

  • Landing Pages for Lead Generation

  • Monthly analytics & reporting

Tasks Overview

Latest Report (Example)


Step 1 - Intro (Example)



Step 2 - Strategy


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