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Graphic Design Services

Our approach to design is combining creativity with action. We don't design just based on what looks good, we design to make sure people take a certain action. We do Logo design, Packaging design, Branding, Invitations, Merchandise, etc.

One thing to note is that, these days it's the design that makes or breaks the marketing or the brand. Granted that it's not the only thing, but it is crucial. Why? Because it's the first thing that people see or come across. The reason for them to stop & read what it's about will be how catchy, creative, unique, & amazing it looks. If it doesn't look that good, no matter how good the text within it is, people will just ignore & scroll past it.

At OnHire, we don't just design some thing random. We design with a clear set of goals. What's the goal of this design? What action do we want the people to take after seeing it? Will it be impactful? Will people stop scrolling & read what it's about? Will it be share able or engaging? And a whole lot more.

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For Startups & SMEs, graphic design plays a very crucial role. The Internet has basically created an even playing field for companies of all sizes. Be it Small Brands to Big Brands, or even B2B or B2C or B2B2C or even D2C. Everyone can use internet to market them selves online. But what might separate the big ones from the small ones is the quality of the content & design. Because if the content & design of Startups & SMEs is not on par with or at least as good as the big brands, it'll be hard to capture audience's attention. But with the help & support of OnHire, Startups & SMES now stand a chance to compete with the big brands in terms of design & content making the internet an actual even playing field. So ready to get started? Let's begin.

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Our 8 Commandments Of Effective Design


Design in a way it's minimal, clean, simple and to the point so it's easy for the people to understand, recall and connect.


Make the logo out of the box or different from the competitors so it stands out from the rest of the competitors and also a bit unique


The idea behind the logo must be easily relatable, recognisable and make an impact so people will remember even after a long time.


Design it in a way it's usable for various online and offline promotions and platforms such as Website, Social Media, Merchandises etc.


In graphic design it's important to give importance to what you'd like to communicate with the market. While ideating the visual identity of a brand it's important to provide focus to the element in the design.


Good typography plays an important role while communicating visually. Along with visual elements to convey a message a good type is essential to reach the customer.


While ideating during designing the process takes a step by step process. Brainstorming to improvise the design is always essential.


One of the key facts in graphic design is to communicate with the customers in ease. We have to keep in mind with the number of brands existing and coming new to the market it's essential to keep in mind that design has to simple and appealing at the same time.

Garphic Design Services

Logo Designing

We focus on creating a really good & unique logo for each of our clients that not only makes a great first impression but is also future-proof. We can also help on how to position your brand, tone, design style aspects and more.


At OnHire we take a digital first approach for a brand as todays consumer expect a brand to have a digital presence and would want to communicate with the brands via digital channels.

Branding & Brand Identity Design

Giving a visual identity to the brand's products and services is an important of how the Consumers would view it. Giving a specific visual tone enhances the brands visibility in the market.


From designing envelopes, visiting cards, letter heads anything that speaks of the service the brands is providing, we at OnHire implement it.

Packaging Design

With the multitude of new and existing brands that are present in the ever growing market, having an appealing and catchy packaging design defines the brands presence in the market.


We at OnHire strive to implement the best of our design skills to give great look and attention to your product while designing the packaging that can stand out offline or online on marketplaces like Amazon or your own website.

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Offline Advertising

When it comes to offline advertising it has continued to reign from a long time. Of line Advertising formats such as bill boards, newspaper and flyers are very effective. 


But, at OnHire we'll not only design for your offline advertising, but we can also help you get the best out of it through designs that can get people to take actions with the help of Catchy Designs, Creative Copies, & most importantly - QR Codes, .

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For printing on tshirts, mugs, or anything for Merchandising, OnHire takes care of all your designing needs. From events or programmes to parties or corporate retreats, we can create custom designs as per your requirement.


Invitations for wedding, birthdays or any kinds of event, OnHire delivers the best of the best results to you.

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