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Aarasa: Website For An Art Collective

Aarasa is a Bengaluru-based art consultancy firm committed to creating a world market for Indian art through intelligent art experiences. Founded in 2012 to create a fair, transparent, and a sustainable platform for artists, Aarasa’s focus is on building lasting relationships with the artistic community. Creating awareness of and appreciation for quality art by emerging and established artists is at the heart of what they do.

They wanted a website that can showcase the works of art made by the Artists. It had to look clean, minimal, simple, yet elegant. We decided to go with a CMS as it would be easier for the client to add, edit, or change anything on the website, and it also would be affordable and cost-effective.

Once we decided on the CMS, we started going through hundreds of themes & templates to pick the right one that would showcase these works of art beautifully and elegantly. We shortlisted around 10 themes in the end, and started going through the Pros & Cons of each theme with regards to Design, UI/UX, & Usability. In the end, we picked a theme that we felt would suit the client really well and started building the website.

The only complication we faced while building this website is the Loading Speed of the website. Since this website is heavy with a lot of images, we had to resize & optimise every image without losing the details in the works of art so it wouldn't affect the Loading Speeds of the website. In the end, we managed to pull it off and created a really beautiful, stunning, elegant, & yet a simple website.

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