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Designing A Company Profile For An IT Company That Stands Out

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

In any Business, after you reach out to a Lead - be it a Warm Lead, Hot Lead, or a Cold Lead through a phone call, or offline, or even via E-Mail, one of the first things to do would be to send a Company Profile or a Deck that contains information about your company. It can contain the history of your company, the USP's or what you bring to the table, your products or services, etc. Think of it more like an Introduction deck - introducing your company to the Potential Client.

Generally, small companies fill this with a lot of text. They explain everything - all about the company, products, or services which makes the whole presentation or deck tiring or boring to go through for the viewer. Not to mention, this is the first impression you create about your company, product, or service with the client. It's essential to make your first impression good because if it's not, the potential client might end up forgetting all about you and just move on to the next. Another thing to keep in mind is that your company won't be the only one pitching to that potential client, there might be plenty more out there that are pitching the exact same client for similar products or services as your company. So doing anything different, or making it visually appealing or creative would go a long way as it'll help them remember your company as your Profile or Deck stands out.

We got a client recently and they wanted their Company Profile to be redesigned as it seemed a bit outdated and lacking. They deal with IT Products & Services - which is a really competitive market, and landing one client would go a long way for them as these are long-term business relationships.

Here's the Deck they shared with us:

As you can see, this looks and feels very outdated. For an IT company, this is not a good first impression as they need to be at the forefront of technology.

After we went through their Deck and did some research, we came up with a Skeleton for the Redesigned Deck. We wanted it not just to convey about the company, their products, or services, but also why go with them and some market stats. Apart from all that information, we wanted to add images and some elements with a few colour combinations related to their brand to make it visually appealing, creative, and stand out.

This is the Redesigned Deck we came up with:

If you compare the Before and After, you can see that the Redesigned Deck looks so much more Modern, Visually Appealing, & not to mention, Future-Proof as this design or template can be used by the company for many years to come.

Looking for Design Services? Get in touch with us.

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