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JiffyCars: Digital Marketing For A Car Rental Startup

After the popularity of Uber & Ola, a new startup emerged for the transport industry - renting / hiring a self drive car.

JiffyCars is a new startup that launched recently around 2016. By the time they launched, the self drive car rentals market was already pretty saturated and had a lot of big players such as ZoomCars, Revv, MylesCars, & more. So when they approached us for Digital Marketing, we took it up with no hesitation as we love challenges. Helping a startup make a dent in a market that's already pretty saturated? What's not to love about that?

Once we got the project, the first thing we did was Research - Lots Of It! From SEO, PPC, Social Media, Blogs, To E-Mail, everything! But the first thing we felt was Social Media is good for creating awareness, but how do we actually start bringing traffic to the site, and start getting conversions? We went with PPC of course!

Over the next few days, we went over all the data from Google AdWords, the competitors, the keywords, the bids, the landing pages, the ads, etc. Since there were some pretty big players like ZoomCar, Revv, Myles, etc who had already received a lot of funding, they spent a lot on keyword bids! Some keywords went up to ₹100 per click! So our first biggest challenge was to make sure we rank in the Top 3 Ad Results without having to spend much per click. This would mean we'd have to get a really good Quality Score for our Keywords. (Quality Score is Google's rating of the quality and relevance of both - the keywords and the PPC ads. It is used to determine the cost per click (CPC) and multiplied by the maximum bid to determine the ad rank in the ad auction process).

After we determined the keywords we'd like to target, we came up with the Ads. We involved our client as well during the process of creating the Ads as they'll have points or taglines that we haven't thought of yet. Based on their feedback, and inputs we created and rolled out the Ads starting with keyword bidding as low as ₹10 per click to see where we'd rank and if we'd get any clicks. The Ads started out at the bottom as expected, but they were still on the first page. Then, we started experimenting with the bidding, we raised it to 15, then to 20. After that, we started getting traction, we started ranking in top 3, finally! After a few weeks, based on the data, we tweaked the ads, keywords, and bidding to increase clicks and decrease the cost per click. Eventually, we were able to bring down the cost per click to our initial bidding of around ₹10 - ₹12 per click. Slowly we started getting conversions as well through the Ads.

In the meantime, we ran some campaigns on Social Media as well to raise awareness about the brand. Our main objective for Social Media was to keep it quirky, yet simple. Something that the target audience would connect to really well. So we created posts that people would find themselves in, in their everyday life. We focused on both Educational and Engagement posts. Educational posts are something that helps them learn something new - could be about the company, tips, tricks, etc. and Engagement posts are something funny, quirky, sentimental, that people would engage with the posts in the form of Comments, Reactions, or Shares.

Here are a few Social Media posts:

Would you like to follow them? Here's their Facebook Page:

JiffyCars has also maintained a very good Online Reputation with a rating of 4.9 from 52 reviews as you'll see if you search for them on Google.

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