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BuildHeights: Digital Marketing For Real Estate Construction Company

Real Estate is one of the oldest industries in the world, maybe even older than Advertising. So it doesn't come as much of a surprise that the marketing or advertising for Real Estate is a bit outdated. I mean it's not that the Real Estate companies are not trying something new, it's just that companies have been following a formula that has been there for decades!

Typically, any marketing or advertising material for Real Estate contains stock photos, renders, a lot of text, a catchy price point, features or amenities, why pick them, etc. As you can guess, it's just filled with a LOT OF STUFF! This would have worked in like 2000's, but now, this just won't work. Ever since the dawn of Social Media, the attention span of us humans has gone lower and lower. Unless and until something is flashy, creative, or different, it just won't catch our attention. So sticking to the same old formula for real estate just won't work anymore. We've got to do differently, we've got to be creative, and more than anything we need to make sure it adds value to the people, especially in Social Media. After all, people come on Social Media for timepass and not to see posts about your services or why they need to pick you.

Keeping this in mind, we wanted to do something different, something creative, and something that no one in Real Estate industry is doing in terms of digital marketing and advertising. Our client provides Turnkey Solutions, so anyone who wants to build a house can approach the company and they'll do the designing, getting building materials, construction of the house, furnishing, everything. So we started off with coming up with a catchy tagline that can convey what the company is all about in one sentence. Here are a few of them we came up with:

1. Let us build you a home that’ll last generations. 2. Making your dream home a reality is our priority. 3. Have a dream to build a home? We specialise in making your Dream Home a Reality. 4. From Designing the house to Furnishing the house, we do it all.

Out of these, we used the 4th one "From Designing the house to Furnishing the house, we do it all." almost everywhere - be it on Landing Pages, on Ads, on Flyers, etc. as this conveyed what the company does really well in a single sentence.

Offline Marketing:

Here's a Bi-Fold Front and Back Flyer we designed for the client:

As you can see, we didn't really use any Stock Photos, instead we went with a creative design approach as it's very different and creative. We also used a question on the front of the flyer as "Do You Have A Plot?" as we wanted people to become curious and pick up the flyer and since they're curious, they'll also open up to see what it's all about. On top of that, anyone without a Plot might not pick it up, but the ones that do have a plot will pick it up to see what it's all about. This way, this design kind of acts like an Offline Filter targeting only the people with a plot, which means you're reaching the right target audience which would increase the quality of the leads.

There were a few other options we came up with for the Front, but we went with the above one instead. Here are the other 2 options:

Social Media Marketing:

Moving on to Social Media, we wanted to do something creative and also provide value to the people. But before that, we wanted to revamp their Facebook Page, so we designed a Cover Image.

BuildHeights Facebook Cover Image | Digital Marketing By OnHire
BuildHeights Facebook Cover Image

Once done, we wanted to add an image for their Story/About Us section on the FB page. So we created on image for that as well.

BuildHeights | Digital Marketing By OnHire
BuildHeights Image For Story/About Us

After we finished the redesign for the Facebook Page, we focused on editing it with the right content so it provides as much information as possible to the people who visit the page. Once all the set up was done, we began publishing posts on the Facebook Page.

As you can see below, we've created the posts in a way that it's creative enough to catch the eye, but also informative enough to add value or to educate the person on Social Media. Here are a few Facebook Posts we've published on their Facebook Page:

We even made some cool videos for Facebook as they would engage more people and reach more people. Here's one of them, check it out:

Search Engine Marketing or PPC:

Just like any other Business, our client wanted to generate Leads. In order to generate Leads, we went with PPC. Why you ask? Tell me something, what do you when you want something or when you're looking for something and you don't have the answer? You Google it, of course!

So we created a Plan and Strategy for PPC. We picked all the right keywords based on our Keyword Research, we created Rich Ads on Google AdWords so anyone searching with the keywords we've picked will see our Ad and take action by clicking on our Ad. Before making our Ads live, we create a mock-up to take an approval from our client so they can add their inputs as well for the Ads. Here are a few mock-ups:

We also created a Landing Page. That way, when anyone clicks on the Ad, they get redirected to the Landing Page where they'll have all the information and the landing page will also have a Contact Form where people can fill in their details if they're interested.

Here's a snapshot of the Landing Page:

BuildHeights Landing Page | Digital Marketing By OnHire
BuildHeights Landing Page For Lead Generation

In the end, we were able to reach 11,000+ people Organically on Facebook, and also get over 30 Leads through Search Engine Marketing, all in one month.

Looking for End-To-End Digital Marketing Services for your Business, Startup, Or Company? Get in touch with us.

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