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HealthFirst: Design That's Future Proof

HealthFirst is a startup based out of Bangalore in the Healthcare & Homecare industry. They provide Professional Doctors, Physiotherapists, Qualified Nurses, etc. all at the comforts of your home. They also provide you with the options of buying or renting expensive medical equipments so you can use them at your home.

They wanted a Logo that would fit their startup really well. They wanted a logo for their website, social media, office documents, and eventually for an App that they would launch once they gain enough traction.

So we went to the drawing board to try and come up with a few concepts for the clients. We approached each concept with a different view or meaning and let the client pick the best one they like that fits their startup and their industry.

Here are few of the concepts:

Concept #1: Minimal, Simple, & To The Point

HealthFirst Logo Concept #1: Minimal, Simple, & To The Point

The idea behind this logo was to keep it as simple as possible, and yet convey what they're all about in one glance. With this design, they'd be able to use it for their Website, Office Documents, Badges, Stickers, etc. Eventually, then can retain only the number "1" with the 3 icons as their App icon as it would be easy to recognise. Also, this was the "First Draft" and first drafts usually don't end up as a final design. So we don't blame you if you don't like it that much. 😛

Concept #2: Bold, Stable, Simple, & Modern (Ideology: Healthcare = "+")

For this logo we thought mostly about servicing the people. Like a Humanitarian Organisation such as a Non-Profit Organisation or a Charity. So the design is minimal yet powerful and gives a humanitarian sort of vibe. If you look at the mockup of a flyer, you can also identify the kind of tone it sets.

Concept #3: Very Easy To Receive, Hospital Vibe, & Modern

This is a bit more modern and also gives a humanitarian vibe to it. More than that, it looks and feels like a Hospital or a Professional Healthcare or Medical Organisation. It’s a mixture of modern design with a humanitarian servicing touch to it.

Concept #4: Icon, Easy To Understand, Bold, Alive, & Young

There are 2 variations for this in terms of the font, but will use the same Icon. One is a bit humanitarian and simple - leaning towards servicing. The other one is a bit bold and powerful. It also looks premium and gives off a high quality or premium vibe. We’ve also included an icon with it that incorporates both health/medical and 1 with it. This icon can be later used for App, Social Media, T-Shirts, or any other merchandising. Based on the phone render you can see it looks really good for an app.

Concept #5: Easy To Relate, Bold, Alive, Young, & Customizable

There are 2 variations for this too. The idea behind this logo is to have one logo for each of their service. One logo for Doctors, one logo for Nurses, one logo for Physiotherapists, etc. We can even have one logo for the Buy/Rent Store. This is a lot more customisable in case they want to have ID cards, different uniforms for different services, different stickers or bills for different services, etc. The same design language can be incorporated into the website as well by doing different designs for different services. This can help people tell apart from the services and also remember the brand and logo. As we mentioned, there are 2 variations to this - 1 makes use of Negative Space with the letter “F” in “First”. The other one adds a solid icon with the logo. The logo with the negative space attached to “F” makes it look like a Flag as well which kind of draws inspiration from the notion that when help is required, you wave a flag and we’ll be there.

All the images are subject to Copyright and cannot be used without taking permission from us.

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